September 12, 2007

Hi I'm Jay Eff Kay

Welcome to the revolution!

Here is what my new album, America: Suicide Notes Vo. 1, looks like according to a Russian-language bootlegging site I (proudly) found it pirated on:

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If you want a physical copy, paypal $5.00.

Here are all the songs in MP3:

Welcome To America
Want Sex & Violence? (Suburbia's It)
Paranoid 2007
Den of Rats
The Gift & The Curse
I'm All Over It
Lawyer's Libretto
F*ck The World
Sniff Row
Day In The Life I
Say It To My Face
Day In The Life II

Here's what reviewers are saying:

"Jay Eff Kay definitely has the potential to become one the strongest voices in underground hip hop." [Midwestern Housewives]

"Jay Eff Kay is the next phase for Hip-Hoppers who actually know what the fuck is going on in this fucked up country we live in, and are here to really get the revolution started." [Rock The Dub]

"Jay Eff Kay's definitely got potential." [Byron Crawford]

"...some seriously solid songs, wise-ass and witty rapping and some heavyweight beats...I’m waiting to see what Jay Eff Kay does next, because I have a feeling he could get a whole lot better. Scary better." [Spliff Huxtable]

"Vulgar, cynical and sarcastic, this is good music." [Hip Hop Politics]

"thematic vision, ambitious storytelling, bangin’ ass beats and a tight leash on lyrical fluctuation." [Bum Rusher Plus]

I put out a "Year In Review" song each December, here's the latest:

2006 Year In Review

Here's a couple of my early songs, recorded in the bathroom of my old apartment and published in 2005:

College (Try It)
Bomb The Hamptons (Celeb Remix)

You can find more, along with lyrics, here:

Here are interviews with me:

Buzzgrinder, September 2007

Forty One Acres, September 2007

Outside Left, September 2007

Hip Hop Politics, June 2006

Don't be a Georgia O'Keefe painting! Stand up for free speech and tell righteous muslims to go fuck themselves. Paypal $12 and sport my tee emblazoned with one of the images of Mohammed published by Dutch newspaper de Volkskrandt:

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If you are a hot ethnic female who wants to dry hump, add me up on myspace:


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Anonymous -EH said...

You sent me your first album a couple years ago when I lived in Savannah GA. The album is very fun, and still in heavy listening rotation. This album.... it blows it out of the water. The lyrics sting, the humor is cutting, and the gravity of song situations deliver heavy blows long gone from current music. Sniff Row, funniest song ever; Den of Rats, you take a subject beaten into the ground by liberal Hollywood and remind the listener just what the f&*@ the comotion is all about. Your music is educated and entertaining.... and the Holy Grail of the Industry.... inciteful.

5:02 PM  
Anonymous -EH said...


Jay, the album art links to photbucket's home page.... Thanks for fixing the track listing downloads!

6:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger meschan said...


i just heard your cd in my friend's car. it was one of those unopened single looking type moments where my friend wont care if i just break the plastic open and stick it in the slot. i was laughing my ass off and he told me to leave :D:D:D:D:D

why would anyone EVER hate you??


12:06 PM  
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