September 12, 2007

Hi I'm Jay Eff Kay

Welcome to the revolution!

Here is what my new album, America: Suicide Notes Vo. 1, looks like according to a Russian-language bootlegging site I (proudly) found it pirated on:

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If you want a physical copy, paypal $5.00.

Here are all the songs in MP3:

Welcome To America
Want Sex & Violence? (Suburbia's It)
Paranoid 2007
Den of Rats
The Gift & The Curse
I'm All Over It
Lawyer's Libretto
F*ck The World
Sniff Row
Day In The Life I
Say It To My Face
Day In The Life II

Here's what reviewers are saying:

"Jay Eff Kay definitely has the potential to become one the strongest voices in underground hip hop." [Midwestern Housewives]

"Jay Eff Kay is the next phase for Hip-Hoppers who actually know what the fuck is going on in this fucked up country we live in, and are here to really get the revolution started." [Rock The Dub]

"Jay Eff Kay's definitely got potential." [Byron Crawford]

"...some seriously solid songs, wise-ass and witty rapping and some heavyweight beats...I’m waiting to see what Jay Eff Kay does next, because I have a feeling he could get a whole lot better. Scary better." [Spliff Huxtable]

"Vulgar, cynical and sarcastic, this is good music." [Hip Hop Politics]

"thematic vision, ambitious storytelling, bangin’ ass beats and a tight leash on lyrical fluctuation." [Bum Rusher Plus]

I put out a "Year In Review" song each December, here's the latest:

2006 Year In Review

Here's a couple of my early songs, recorded in the bathroom of my old apartment and published in 2005:

College (Try It)
Bomb The Hamptons (Celeb Remix)

You can find more, along with lyrics, here:

Here are interviews with me:

Buzzgrinder, September 2007

Forty One Acres, September 2007

Outside Left, September 2007

Hip Hop Politics, June 2006

Don't be a Georgia O'Keefe painting! Stand up for free speech and tell righteous muslims to go fuck themselves. Paypal $12 and sport my tee emblazoned with one of the images of Mohammed published by Dutch newspaper de Volkskrandt:

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If you are a hot ethnic female who wants to dry hump, add me up on myspace:


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